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Turnberry Glove

Your Price: $10.95
  • Made of the finest AA Indonesian Cabretta leather, the Turnberry glove stays soft round after round.
  • Available in snow white leather.
  • Domed Logo Imprinting
    • Printed on a vinyl base and sealed with an epoxy coating
    • Domed logo offers a high-tech look to clients who want to customize
    • Domed logos are waterproof and weatherproof, and will stay sharp-looking for the life of the glove
    • Sizing
      • Order enough gloves for all of your golfers (minimum of 60).
      • We will send you approximately 20% more than you order so that you can accommodate all sizes
      • Once your event is over, send back the extra gloves
      • As long as the gloves are shipped back within a week of your event, there is no charge for the extras

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